Songs About Food

Yesterday Gordon Ramsay was busy challenging some of Singapore’s Hawker Heroes at Newton Food Centre as we followed him on social media from home. As big Masterchef fans, we were really excited at the prospect of Gordon Ramsay being in the same country as our being, eating at a hawker centre, challenging some legendary aunties and uncles to a cook-off. Judging from photos and videos circulating around the Internet at real time, it seemed quite impossible to catch Mr. Ramsay for a quiet moment. After all, where do we even start?

“Hi Gordon Ramsay, I love your show.”

“Er hi, love your work.”

“Was Amy Bouzaglo really crazy?”

“Have you tried kaya toast?”

“Hey Gordon, wanna hear my impersonation of you?”

So it was a good thing we never met up with him. Things would take a turn for the creepy. So instead, we’ll do it the only way we know best, by making him a mixtape about food in song.

It’s a no brainer, music and food have always been connected in the fabric of the universe. I remember preparing themed playlists for themed dinner parties in the good old days of university. Some themes included ‘Kanye West’, ‘Creepy Guy’, ‘Forever Alone’, ‘FAT’ and ‘The 60s’. ‘Twas fun. Eating out at places with good music made the dining experience better.  Musicians are opening restaurants: Lady Gaga, Ryan Gosling (he’s a musician too), Jon Bon Jovi all have stakes in the F&B business. Closer to home, local buzz band Obedient Wives Club guitarist Keith Tan opened the delectable Meat Packing District so you see, music can open pathways to other senses – THE SENSE OF TASTE.

Likewise, food can also inspire music: (We hope you see this Gordon Ramsay)

Yummy Yummy Yummy | Rita Chao

Singapore's Rita Chao was the A-Go-Go queen of the 60s sings about love and food. 

Afternoon Delight | Starland Vocal Band
This song is about another kind of pleasure...

Pizza Party | L'Homme Run
Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig had a rap group in university, how cute. 

Chop Suey | System Of A Down
Chop Suey is a classic Chinese dish, and also a classic System Of A Down song.

Milkshake | Kelis
Now we proceed to the yard for some dessert, but there may be some monetary exchange.

OH MY DAYUM | Gregory Brothers (Autotune video remix)
Every burger review should be a symphony to the tummy and ears.

Cookie Jar | Gym Class Heroes ft. The Dream
Cookies, mmmm. 

Eat It | "Weird Al" Yankovic
Another classic Michael Jackson song about food.

Pork And Beans | Weezer
Pork and beans, mmmm.