Watch Sphaeras play a full set on Audiotree Live

Watch Sphaeras play a full set on Audiotree Live

Singaporean math rock band Sphaeras recently embarked upon a trip to Chicago for a short tour, which included a stopover to the Audiotree studios.

The prolific video channel has hosted acts from CHON and Julien Baker to TTNG and Singapore's own The Caulfield Cult, and Sphaeras were one of their most recent guests. Performing a session with songs off their debut album Moirai, the live-streamed affair has now been re-uploaded to watch in full.

On the Audiotree session, Sphaeras were represented by guitarists Haokai Lek and Chun Kit, drummer Zakhran Khan, and bassist Harris Sim, who filled in for original bassist Axel Serik, who has since left the band.

The band also issued a statement on Facebook to accompany the release of the session:

The final version of our Audiotree set can now be streamed online through these different outlets!


We'd like to thank the Audiotree team for having us and their kind hospitality. Thank you to the welcoming people of Chicago we've met and worked with in that short week in the USA. (Harrison Seth Riley)
Also to our Singaporean friends (and international listeners of course!) who have been supporting us through the years, coming for our shows, staying up till 3am to watch our live stream and such. We truly appreciate it!

Thank you Harris Sim from Two Seas for sessioning for us on bass and learning our songs in such a short span of time.

Lastly, we'd like to apologise for being secretive the past few months, it has been a complicated and busy year. We owe a lot to our bassist Axel Serik for years of friendship and amazing musicianship, and the lack of announcements was not fair to him and you guys. For that, we'd like to sincerely apologise. His contribution to the band truly means a lot to all of us and it was unfortunate to not have him with us for Audiotree. We love you buddy

I don't know what the future holds for Sphaeras, but for now, please enjoy our Audiotree set"

Watch it here: