Spotify's Disney Hub now available in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

Spotify's Disney Hub now available in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

A dream is a wish your heart makes, and it seems Disney has heard ours. Spotify listeners in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam will now be able to relive Disney's greatest hits on Disney Hub. The service was previously only available in select countries such as the UK and New Zealand. The hub includes specially curated playlists, soundtracks and podcasts such as: 

  • Disney Hits Singapore: All the favorite Disney hits 

  • Disney Hits: Stream Disney Hits to hear the top songs from the biggest Disney and Pixar films globally. 

  • Disney Favorites: Like Disney Hits, Disney Favorites will have everyone’s favorite current tunes

  • Disney Classics: Kick back with Disney Classics, a nostalgic playlist that includes songs from the Disney Parks, live action and animated classic soundtracks, and songs from Disney Channel originals.

  • Disney Sing-Alongs: From the shower to the car, Disney songs that you can’t help but sing along to. 

  • Disney Princess: From Belle to Cinderella to Ariel to Moana, Disney Princess has the love ballads as well as the coming-of-age breakaways.

  • Marvel Music: All the best songs and scores from all your favorite Marvel films and shows.

  • Best of Star Wars: Enter, Darth Vader.

Spotify users in Singapore only need to search “Disney” on Spotify and stream music from Marvel soundtracks to modern hits from Frozen. On top of the international playlists, Spotify has also curated a localised Disney playlist for Singapore. It features tracks sung by Asian artists, such as 'Into the Unknown (End Credit Version)' by TAEYEON (Frozen 2), 'Rise - Music Inspired from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker by Alif, SonaOne and more. There is even a playlist with hits sung by Chinese artists, which you can blast during Chinese New Year. 

Check out one of the playlists below.