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It has arrived! Spotify is finally available in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. For those who already had a taste of it, you'd know that Spotify has a massive music database that is freely available to users (if you don't mind the blaring ads). With the apps onboard the Spotify platform (Hype Machine, Pitchfork, etc.), it makes a great way to discover new music and re-discover music from days of yore. 

Sign up for Spotify: HERE

 To make easier for you here's a mini-guide on how to have fun with Spotify: 


Making playlists is sort of mixtape making in this modern time and age. It is also a good organisational skill. Spotify's biggest draw is that you can search for any song in its catalog and Spotify will play it back for you in its entirety, instantly. So trawl over the tonnes of albums it has on it's database to create your perfect one. Pssst, you can make some playlists public and some more discreet.


Spotify also features some pretty cool social and interactive elements. Not only can you send individual tracks to your friends, you can share entire playlists to your social circles and followers. John Cusack holding up a boombox, new age style. 


If you're too lazy to be searching for new songs on your own and prefer a more autopilot method, try Spotify Radio. The feature automatically plays songs similar to your 'peg' song and there you go, lazy music discovering mode activate. Instantaneous! 


Keep track of all your favourite songs by 'starring' them and they automatically go into a playlist. So, go ahead and share or publish your favourite songs. Or keep it private if you're gonna be like that. 


Ah, the apps. We fancy quite a few of them: - scrobbles your plays from Spotify
Pitchfork, Guardian, Any Decent Music, etc. - for music recommendations and good reviews!
Hype Machine - great for checking out curated playlists, exploring genres and getting new music, albeit in a more manual manner 
musiXmatch - because we want to sing along to our favourite songs, because we want to Karaoke any time, anywhere

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