Spotify introduces new AI DJ feature

Spotify introduces new AI DJ feature


Spotify has just introduced a new AI DJ feature. 

On 23 February, the streaming service announced that they have just recently implemented a new personalisation feature that harnesses the power of AI to deliver its users with a curated lineup of music that caters to their music tastes, alongside personalised commentary around the chosen tracks and artists.

Described as "an AI DJ in your pocket", the new feature is said to sort through the latest tracks and old favourites to pick a constant stream of songs for users to enjoy. It will constinously refresh the lineup of songs based on user feedback and current trends.


The AI DJ makes use of Spotify's exisiting personalisation technology and OpenAI technology, a dynamic AI voice via Sonantic to provide realistic commentary for every user's curation.

The feature is currently our for beta testing for premium users in the US and Canada. Users can find the AI DJ on their Music Feed on the homepage of their Spotify app.