Spotify to tweak editorial playlists to make them more 'personal'

Spotify to tweak editorial playlists to make them more 'personal'

Curated playlists on Spotify have just gotten a lot more personalised.

In an announcement on March 26, the streaming giant introduced two new developments for its Spotify For Artists platform: (i) Editorial playlists will be more individualised and (ii) Unique links for these playlists will be made available to artists and their teams.

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Spotify has acknowledged that music tastes differ greatly from one person to the other – Dolly Parton's '9 to 5' may get someone in the mood for work but it might put another to sleep – so it has established an algorithm to add certain songs to editorial playlists (E.g taking a shower, rainy day, study) better suited to the listener's preferences. This means that no two kinds of that specific playlists will be the same. In turn, artists and their teams will be able to check on the platform if their track was added based on the algorithm or by users.

The second development allows artists and their teams to share unique hyperlinks for those individualised playlists through the platforms. When the artists share these links, their track will appear on the top of that particular playlist, making it easier for them to ensure that their music gets to the right audience.

Read more about the developments here.

Listen to one of Spotify's curated playlists below.