Spotify Wrapped 2021 rolls out new personalised user experiences

Spotify Wrapped 2021 rolls out new personalised user experiences

The annual, highly anticipated Spotify Wrapped is now upon us. For users of the streaming platform, this inevitably means getting a glimpse of our audio activity over the past year and reliving all the tracks we cried, danced, and sang our hearts out to. 

While you can certainly expect familiar favourite features such as your top artists, genres, songs, podcasts and minutes listened, 2021's edition is slightly different as it embraces the unknown and champions all of the things that make each of our listening experiences truly unique. 

In light of that, Spotify has decided to spice things up on their mobile app by adding some exciting new personalised user experiences on the interface of Wrapped 2021


If you haven’t already checked it out, here’s a rundown of the new data stories that will express your year in audio.

Firstly, 2021: The Movie. This year had all of us feeling like the main character, in one way or another, and what movie's complete without a soundtrack. This new Spotify Wrapped feature essentially acts as the soundtrack of your very own movie, complete with your top played songs paired with iconic cinematic scenes

Next, Your Audio Aura—a creative mashup of your mood, tempo, and liveliness represented in a vivid combination of colours.

There’s also an interactive data-based Playing Cards game of truth and lie to discover how well you know your own audio habits. You even have the option to challenge a friend! 

And, finally, the new 2021 Wrapped: Blend feature which lets you see how your 2021 music taste matches up with your friends—by streaming this blended playlist, you'd be able to share the results you've gotten on your socials. 

This year’s Wrapped also offers more shareability options as users can share all these individual wrapped cards on various social platforms including Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even, TikTok

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