Discover your Stranger Things counterpart with this immersive Spotify playlist generator

Discover your Stranger Things counterpart with this immersive Spotify playlist generator

With the Stranger Things hype at an all-time high as Halloween descends upon us, Spotify and Netflix have released an interactive playlist series for super-fans. 

There are a total of thirteen playlists, specially curated to fit the characteristics of the thirteen main characters in the show. Once users log in, Spotify uses its patented algorithm technology to give listeners a playlist that best matches their Stranger Things counterpart. 

We break down the playlists below.

Joyce's Halloween House


The classic Halloween playlist, complete with the Ghostbusters Theme song and of course, Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'. Fitting for the '80s scream

Eleven's Breakfast Jams

A high-energy, early morning playlist to get you psyched for the rest of the day, ranging from Patti Smith to Lorde.

Nancy's Slaylist

An essential kick-ass playlist for a strong-willed character.

Mike's Bassment Beats

Mike, ever obsessed with technology, gets a fittingly forward-thinking playlist, with plenty of cutting-edge 80s electronic music, synth-pop and post-punk.

Demogorgon's Upside Downers

Dark, heavy and in your face. Slayer and The Black Dahlia Murder kick off the playlist. Need we say more?

Hopper's Nighttime Drive

A sneak peak at Hopper's playlist in the show, in the form of his vinyl collection, shows that he's an old soul in the '80s. This playlist perfectly represents that.

Mad Max's Sk8 Sessions

Like Hopper, Max's playlist is a reflection of vintage sounds made new — a mix of The Mamas & The Papas with Mac Demarco is enough to already like the new character in the show.

Steve's Morning Hair Grooves

Steve has attempted a 180 flip by graduating from being the show's primo jock bully to a sensitive, heroic character. None of that excuses him from listening to MAGIC!, though.

Will's Castle Byers Classics

In the show, Will's music taste is nurtured and boosted by his brother Jonathan, and this playlist is wonderfully timeless and crowd-pleasing.

Dustin's Curiosity Door Jams

Dustin remains the group's relentless explorer, and his personality demands a playlist that is perfect for a day out in the woods. 

Jonathan's Outsider Looking In

'Creep', 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl' and 'Nocturnal Me'? Yep, perfect stalker playlist. 

Lucas' Bike-Around Tracks

Quite possibly the grooviest playlist in this series, with tracks from Frank Ocean and more. 

Billy's Pedal To The Metal

Yet another new character, Billy is all about propulsive glam metal and Billboard-friendly hip-hop — a playlist that gives any car sound-system a true workout.