Summertime in the Park: Here's What to Expect

We've all grown up in shopping malls. Whether it was unintentionally getting lost when we were kids or intentionally getting lost when we were teenagers, shopping malls provide a mulit-faceted respite where you can drown yourself in new clothes when that paycheck arrives, or just participating in the timeless global phenomenon known as window shopping.

Doing our stage at Orchard Central for Summertime in the Park isn't exactly our way of paying homage to days of lingering around fashion stores or spending hours at arcades, but we'd like to think that this is our way of contributing to Singapore's shopping culture with the only way we know how — live music.

Here are six bands we specially picked for this occasion. We want you guys to have a splendid time as usual and we're sure these acts would fit the bill just nicely. We've also teamed up with our friends at HIC Juice — 15% off all of their products at their pop-up store, which will be right across our stage. You'll just need to flash a promo image which can be found below!

Offering a rare mash of jazz, folk and even world music, Babushka’s innovative instrumentals are sure to keep things exciting. The trio’s soothing but exotic sound fuses various musical styles around the world and brings them all to your aural doorstep, with just an electric and acoustic guitar, and keyboards. There’s a surprising versatility in their instrumental combination, and you’ll have fun exploring different genres and sounds around the world with the band’s live performances.

This alternative/folk/rock singer-songwriter, backed by his live band, makes for a pretty chill, relaxing gig. His simple acoustic tunes and lyrics have an easy-listening, lulling feel to them. Deon Toh and band, who have played at big festivals like Baybeats and Canadian Music Week, are launching an album on 10th July this year too, so watch out for that.

The band’s richly fascinating folk-rock sound paints distorted yet vivid imagery with its intense and dark feel. Their dynamic music straddles intimate vulnerability and pure vicious power, and their poetic lyrics add new layers to their songs. Watching Monster Cat live is a mighty spectacle in both audio and visual aspects, especially with their newly expanded lineup. This Saturday’s show will be their last for awhile, so be sure to catch them while you can!

The lilting and crisp melodies he creates with his guitar, ukelele or banjo complement the chirpy tunes he sings, the instruments’ bright sound balancing the warm tone of his vocals. A youthful, optimistic feel seems to define Charles Jedidiah’s folksy blues music, even as his lyrics may interestingly point otherwise. Whether solo or with his majestic backing band, his cheery material promises a lighthearted, happy singalong.

These boys’ groovy beats and catchy, innovative guitar lines add bonus musicality to their contagious energy and enthusiasm, both in sound and in stage presence. An eclectic mix of The Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and a bit of Foals thrown in, Stopgap still manage to blend their own lively fun and creative originality in. Their crowd-pleasing anthems have intriguing rhythms and melodies, and often cheeky lyrics that add to their animated boyish charms. 

His peppy, funky brand of pop-soul makes for an entertaining and buoyant live performance. Armed with a dapper fedora, plus his engaging, often amusing stage banter accentuated by his natural swagger, Gareth Fernandez pulls off fun and vibrant gigs with his full live band. Promising both older material and fresh compositions this time round, his set this Sunday night is set to end your week with a bang.

Flash the above poster for 15% off all products at the HIC Juice booth at Orchard Central, level 1, right opposite our stage!