Talking to This Tornado Called Neko Case

Even after two decades as a singer-songwriter, Neko Case admits that she had used her powerful voice to tell, or sing stories that had not been her own. It's different now, with her latest offering, The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You, she is taking on the first-person point of view - her own. And although she was dealing with depression four years ago, she is certain that the album happened despite her troubles, rather than because of it. Her efforts were noticed by the Grammy people, picking up a nomination for Best Alternative Album of the year. 

On the line-up for this year's Mosaic, we spoke to the red-haired songstress on the new album, getting on the Hunger Games OST, and other things. Also check out the mega Mosaic playlist we have prepared for you! 

Neko Case
Sunday, 16 March | 7.30PM

'The Worse Things Get' is easily your most autobiographical, and even emotional album. Tell us more about the themes in that album. 

There are many songs dealing with a long depression in many forms, though not the entire thing. The record happened despite the depression than because of it though.

It also got nominated for a Grammy, in your opinion, how relevant are the Grammys?

I can’t say as I’ve never actually won one before. I haven’t experienced how it affects a person’s career.

Your track 'Nothing To Remember' appeared on The Hunger Games soundtrack, how did that happen and what do you think of the movies?

I was asked by T Bone Burnett to participate and I was such a huge fan of the story I jumped at the chance. I thought they did a great job on the first one, but I’ve been on tour too much to see the second. One of these days! I’m dying to see it – I’ve read all the books!

You've spoken about the connection you have with nature and your rural farmhouse, how much has the environment influenced you, in terms of songwriting.

To risk sounding cliché, I think the influence is that it calms me down and makes me feel centred. Needless to say, it’s easier to access that part of your brain if you aren’t stressed, stretched thin, or lost at sea.

You've been writing and performing for more than a decade already, how much has changed in the music industry from the view of an artist since you started?

Technology and the Internet have turned it 360, I’d have to write a thesis to even begin to describe it!

In a few words, describe a Neko Case show:

Silly, inclusive, and sincere.

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