The Bandwagon Sessions #3: Fauxe

The Bandwagon Sessions are on every fortnight as we feature a different artist performing an original track each time! For the first season of our sessions, we have curated a lineup of electronic-centric acts, with the lovely Vandetta kicking off the sessions and the spellbinding .gif in the previous episode.

This week, the masked electronic producer Fauxe himself dropped by our office to play two tracks off his latest EP & I Love You More With Every Word, an album dedicated to the love of his life. It's a stark departure from his earlier work; dark, post-dubstep melodies are now replaced with dreamy, lo-fi tunes. The man has been hard at work the past few weeks, curating the recent Digital Death sessions at Shots Cafe and pushing forward the HYBRDTHRY community to greater heights.  

Putting aside some time for Bandwagon Sessions, here's Fauxe performing the gorgeous medley of "You Were There For Me When I Was Down/The World Is Ours And Ours Alone". Enjoy!  

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