The first day of 100 Bands has been postponed

The first day of 100 Bands has been postponed

Unfortunately, due to unfavourable weather conditions since yesterday, the organizers behind 100 Bands have postponed the first day of the three-week festival.

Here's their full statement:

To best laid plans.

For all 100-ians

An adverse weather early yesterday morning, coupled with strong winds blew through our festival grounds resulting in extensive damage to our equipment and the venue.

Still with everything that has happened, we cannot bear to leave you high and dry. So we are starting over again quickly with tents and wiring and this will take a day.

We will kick things off with a bang on 17th September 2016, 3pm.

We thank you. We love u.

For 100.
For the music.
For the community.

Today's line-up was slated to feature A Vacant Affair, Recover, Long Live The Empire and more. All bands will be rescheduled on other dates, with the updated schedules to be released shortly.