Singaporean folk-pop duo The Freshman on their life-changing experience with Jacky Cheung

Singaporean folk-pop duo The Freshman on their life-changing experience with Jacky Cheung

Rubbing shoulders with the “God of Songs” himself would be an amazing experience for any Mandopop fan. For Singapore folk-pop duo The Freshman, getting to sing with him on the same stage is unforgettable.

The duo, consisting of Carrie Yeo and Chen Diya, have been acting as backup singers for Jacky Cheung’s globetrotting A Classic Tour since last October, and have finished over 120 shows to date.

“We have really learned a lot from this experience. Jacky Cheung is number one in the industry," said Chen. "He is really a ‘God of Songs’. His willpower and discipline when it comes to maintaining his form are amazing, and we have a lot to learn from him."

The tour is expected to last for at least two years, with the duo visiting cities around Asia, along with the UK and US. Cheung is expected to break his previous tour record of 146 shows.

To cope with the hectic performance schedule, Chen and Carrie have followed a clean and strict diet, with enough exercise to maintain the stamina sorely needed for an ambitious tour like this — they revealed the busiest period thus far was last December, when there were 23 shows in the month alone, each lasting three hours.

Even with the intense rigours of a worldwide tour, what struck the duo the most was how thoughtful Jacky Cheung turned out to be. 

“We first met him at our first practice in Hong Kong. The moment he walked in, he greeted every member on the set by their first name,” said Yeo. “This was the first time we were meeting him, but he remembered everyone’s names. He had already done his homework before coming.”

And when it came to changing climates, Cheung was adamant about his crew's treatment.

“He didn't have to do all this, but he would come down personally during our post-concert event to remind all of us to take care, and made sure heaters were installed on stage to keep us warm during the performance. He takes really good care of us.”

Earlier this month, Yeo also had the good fortune to celebrate her birthday with Cheung himself. 

“He usually celebrates everyone’s birthday. If the day happens to be someone’s birthday, they will bring out the cake after practice and everyone would celebrate it together,” Yeo told Bandwagon.

“At the time, I was packing my things at the side of the stage, and he (Jacky Cheung) came over and patted me on the head, and wished me a happy birthday. In that moment, it felt like a god had come to earth to bless me, and my heart felt so warm.”

Jacky Cheung will bring A Classic Tour to Singapore from 9 to 11 February, 2018. More details here.