The essence of The Gospellers in 5 songs

The essence of The Gospellers in 5 songs

The vocal group The Gospellers are an anomaly in the Japanese music scene — taking cues from 90s R&B and soul, the five-piece are mood setters and lady killers.

Their latest album, Soul Renaissance, was recently released on June 30th, and in anticipation of their upcoming concert in Singapore, here are five songs which show their extensive range.

The Gospellers will be performing in Singapore on September 24th at Drama Theatre Centre. Tickets are available here.

'Dream Girl'

This encapsulates everything perfect about 90s R&B, and if this doesn't get you misty-eyed for the power of Boyz II Men and K-Ci & Jojo, you're probably too young — which means this will still vibe hard with you if you love 'Versace On The Floor'.


If 'Dream Girl' fulfills your R&B hunger, 'Goswing' takes you back to the days of frosted tips, droopy shades and accentuated "gurl"s. 

'Towa ni'

This song has been popular with YouTube users for a reason. If there's any song in their catalogue that best showcase their soaring harmonic voices, it's this one.

'Fly Me To The Disco Ball'

What's not to like about this song? The smouldering R&B drama is replaced by upbeat synth-pop, and it sounds like a perfect song to play during Christmas time.


If you're really just about the voices, 'Hitori' should convince you that The Gospellers aren't like most a capella acts out there. Pure ecstasy. 

Meanwhile, stream our curated playlist of Gospellers songs — including our five picks above:

The Gospellers will perform at the Drama Theatre Centre on September 24th. You can get your tickets hereSoul Renaissance is now available on iTunes, KKBOX, Deezer and Spotify.

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