The Mall Group and AEG announce partnership, two new arenas to be built in Bangkok

The Mall Group and AEG announce partnership, two new arenas to be built in Bangkok

AEG, the world's largest sport and entertainment company, has announced a new strategic partnership with Thailand's leading retail and entertainment complex developer, The Mall Group. 

The two companies are joining forces with a shared vision of boosting Thailand as a key player in the Southeast Asian music market with the announcement of two major entertainment districts and arenas in Bangkok, namely EM Live and Bangkok Arena. To show their commitment to the projects, both companies have invested over 10 billion Thai Baht (SGD $416 million) in the two world-class arenas. 

The EM Live arena at The Emsphere will be able to host over six thousand people, while the Bangkok Arena at the Bangkok Mall will have a capacity of up to 16 thousand people

AEG will also be responsible for the management and operation of these two world-class arenas and will work collaboratively with The Mall Group for a wide range of events including entertainment, concerts, live performances, and more.

Over the past decade, AEG  has brought world-renowned names such as Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Metallica, the Rolling Stones and Taylor Swift to Asia. 

"Southeast Asia is going through a transformation. As incomes rise and spending power increases, consumers in the region are demanding more sophisticated entertainment experiences. In The Mall Group, we have not only found an outstanding partner but also an innovative company that is led by an insightful and forward-thinking leader, Khun Supaluck. The company shares our vision for creating best in-class destination  experiences and our partnership will bring unique entertainment districts to the city that will redefine and revolutionize Bangkok's leisure and entertainment scene. We are thankful to have a long-term partner that shares our vision and goals. These two significant developments will be a game-changer, giving Bangkok and Thailand the opportunity to become the most important Retail and Entertainment Hub in Southeast Asia."

Adam Wilkes, President and Chief Executive Officer, AEG Asia

The two arenas are currently scheduled to open by the end of 2022.