The Pokemon Go Song, taking the craze one step further

The Pokemon Go Song, taking the craze one step further

It's probably impossible to overstate just how bat shit crazy people are going over Pokemon Go

The new smartphone app, which uses augmented reality to allow players to catch digital creatures in real life locations, has in just over a week since its release in the US, New Zealand and Australia, surpassed 65 million users in the US alone to overtake long existing apps such as tinder and twitter.

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Though the app may take glued-to-your-phone to a whole other level creating a supposed surge in injuries and traffic jams/accidents, at least it's been getting people up and out of the house, building a unique and immediate camaraderie between players who bump into each other in real life.

Servers are struggling to cope with the demand, and Pokemon Go is proving to be the beginning of a new era of gaming. Nobody is immune to the allure of becoming a (sort of) real life Pokemon trainer, not even musicians working on their next EP, such musicians as Melbourne based rock trio The Stiffys.

"We've been wasting so much recording time playing Pokemon Go" cries bassist Jason Leigh. It got to such as state that the only way they could get themselves back to work was to just go ahead and make a song about it instead. Plainly titled "The Pokemon Go Song", this jaunty little bit of rock n' roll was pushed out right after mixing to catch the wave of Pokemania. Inspired by their own obsession with the game, this release is ahead of their Art Rock Tour which incorporates a 3D element in their shows.

In the song, their lead singer bemoans how Pokemon Go has taken over the life of his girlfriend and laments how "she doesn't wanna call me she just wants to train...she's walking out in traffic when she's on her game." He then goes on to explain how she went behind his back and caught 80 more Pokemon although they had promised to go walking around together, this obviously leading to the demise of their relationship. Can't blame her though, you know how it is, gotta catch em all. 

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