The Rolling Stones' guitarist Ronnie Wood beats cancer

The Rolling Stones' guitarist Ronnie Wood beats cancer

The Rolling Stones’ guitarist Ronnie Wood is officially cancer-free, after putting up a strong fight with lung cancer since May last year. 

Wood, who smoked for more than 50 years before calling it quits in 2012 when his twin daughters were born, had to have the affected lung removed, but did not require chemotherapy since the cancer did not spread to other parts of his body, he told the British publication Metro in an interview. 

Ever the rock star, Wood had told the The Daily Mail that he never considered the treatment – not because he didn’t think it would work, but because losing his hair wasn’t an option. “It’s more I wasn’t going to lose my hair. This hair wasn’t going anywhere. I said, ‘no way’, and I just kept the faith it would be all right”, he was quoted saying.

Woods expressed his surprise at beating cancer given his long love affair with drugs and alcohol, adding that he "was prepared to remain positive to (his) dying breath" and was "all ready to go". 

Turns out it's not quite time for him to go yet, and the good news comes just in time as he heads back on the road with the rest of the band for their upcoming No Filter European tour, still rocking his enviable mane. 

Watch the 'No Filter' tour teaser below: