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The Sam Willows release two new singles, 'Robot' & 'Papa Money' – listen

The Sam Willows release two new singles, 'Robot' & 'Papa Money' – listen

Singaporean pop group The Sam Willows have finally released new music in the form of two singles: 'Robot' and 'Papa Money'. 

The two tracks are the first two be released off their forthcoming record, and like their previous single 'Keep Me Jealous', were co-written with Fredrik Häggstam (who worked with Kygo, Girls Generation and The Chainsmokers) and Litens Anton Nilsson. 'Robot' is slow and mellow, with simple beats and instrumentation, allowing their vocals to shine. 'Papa Money', on the other hand, is a lively and fun track, with standout instrumentation, and a standout performance from the entire band. With catchy hooks and verses, this song should be a treat to see live. 

“Each song has its own sound and talks about two very distinctively contrasting subjects, one’s a little more light-hearted and the other shoots a little closer to the heart, but both keep within the perimeters of common issues that our generation faces," Benjamin Kheng commented via a press release. "So, we thought it would be cool to give people that option and provide two sides to our music, while at the same time have that subtle interlinking web that threads both of it together."

Listen to 'Robot' and 'Papa Money' here:


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