Thrash metal band Bloodstone has a bone to pick with the world

Thrash metal band Bloodstone has a bone to pick with the world

Combining an anarchic punk attitude with the savage bite of a Bay Area thrash throwback, Singaporean metal band Bloodstone comes guns blazing with their debut album F.T.W.

While it's a fairly rough listen, it's clear a few tracks in that the harsh and muddy production is a deliberate nod to the thrash and death metal demos pushed out in the extreme metal underground in the early 90s. The drums are polished with hackneyed reverb, the vocals burst out with questionable clarity and the guitars are squashed and compressed to death. The result? A ghastly, filthy aural assault that's absolutely worth your time.

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The band has written some absolutely aggressive tracks, crammed with intricate solos and dominating riffs, while their lyrics toe the line separating real-world nihilism and depraved demonic imagery. But judging by the tongue-in-cheek (and highly NSFW) album cover, the band's not taking their message too seriously either. F.T.W isn't really a record for demon worship as it is a calling card for global annihilation.

Bloodstone's F.T.W is currently available on CD and vinyl through the band's official Bandcamp page.

Listen to F.T.W in full below: