Three Cheers for Mayday Parade: Live In Singapore

When pop-punk heroes of the early 00s moved on/grew up/disbanded/joined new bands/got married/got busted for drugs, a new bunch of kids appeared on the block. Mayday Parade was one of them. Not straying far from the standard pop-punk formula, Mayday Parade continued the tradition of catchy and jumpy hits usually set to the topic of all things relatable to us like girls, love, and being sad. 

But always there for our nostalgia, Upsurge Productions are on a roll, putting on shows for Taking Back Sunday and Mayday Parade back to back. Their plan seems to be working because it was a sold-out show even on a Thursday. People were going to see the band, even with the doom and gloom of work and school the next day. Opening for the sold out show at the SCAPE Ground Theatre, Aspectrum was a good appetiser to the night's festivities. In that limited capacity, the good vibes were contagious, with the crowd singing back to some of their songs and the band feeding off the enthusiasm by putting on a highly energetic performance. 

And then the screaming started, everyone was mobile phone-ready, there were even glow sticks in the crowd: the Mayday Parade had begun. Frontman Derek Sanders exclaimed, "All right Singapore, let's get this party started" and indeed it did with opener 'Ghosts' and crowd favourite later on, 'Jamie All Over'. Sanders’ vocals were nothing short of superior as he belted down the lyrics, with top-notch instrumentals by the band, creating an atmosphere of escape for everyone. The mosh pit was a tsunami full of people, passionately screaming down the lyrics and the sorts.

The screaming then turned to a comfortable silence when Derek started on an intimate and illuminating performance of ‘Miserable At Best’. Perfection at its finest, you could hear everyone’s hearts beat as one for the melancholy and touching track. And then it was back to the kinetics with classics like 'Three Cheers For Five Years' and 'Jersey'. 

'I’d Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song' is About' sealed the deal, ending the show on a high note by a band too often underestimated for their talent. It is amazing to see how far Mayday Parade has come as a band in the last few years, and taking their brand of pop-punk into the alt-rock territory - they deserve every bit of success. Three cheers. 

Edited by Delfina Utomo

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