Three surprises from this week's KKBOX music supper – listen

Three surprises from this week's KKBOX music supper – listen

From new releases to tracks that took big jumps to land a spot in the top 10, this week’s KKBOX music chart is filled with surprises. Apart from tracks like ‘Love, Exists’ by Kiki Wei and ‘For You’ by the new Chinese F4 of Meteor Garden 2018, which have stayed in the charts of weeks, this week’s chart had some reshuffling and there are a few new tracks that we are surprised made it into the top 10! Let's take a look at these tracks from superstars and rising new singers alike. 

 A-Lin's 'Friendship Forever'


The Taiwanese superstar A-Lin is back with a new song ‘Friends Forever’. This new track features softer singing techniques as compared to the usual strong vocals fans are used to hearing from her. The song is also the theme song for the Chinese movie iPartment, which is based on the popular sitcom series of the same name.

A-Lin does not reach sky-high notes in this song. But her fans of A-Lin should not miss out on this one in their next karaoke session; it should be relatively easier to emulate than her classics. 

Marcus Chang and Sam Lim’s 'Between Us'


The soundtrack of Taiwanese drama Between, took a great jump from the 75th to the 9th place of the chart this week! 

Rising actor Marcus Chang, best known for his role in Giddens Ko’s movie Cafe, Waiting, Love, collaborated with co-star Sam Lin (member of boy band SpeXial) in the track 'Between Us'

Most people know Marcus from his acting projects, but did you know that he actually appeared in the second season of singing competition One Million Stars as a PK (Player-Killing) challenger? Making his first steps in transition from an actor to singer-songwriter, Marcus also just released his debut EP ±1 a couple of days back, featuring tracks from the drama Between

Andrew Tan’s ‘How Did We End Up Here’


The title of Andrew Chen’s new single 'How Did We End Up Here' can be directly translated to “spoiled friendship” in Mandarin. It’s rumoured to be a reference to his alleged dispute with ex-label mate Bii. Coming back with a track titled like this, Andrew obviously could not escape from the claws of Taiwanese reporters who couldn’t stop asking if he was referring to Bii, which Andrew, surprisingly, did not refute. 

Perhaps the ‘Eagle Four’ will really just remain as good old history as Andrew’s new career takes off with Warner Music. The song took a leap this week - it jumped from 90th place to 5th on the chart, proving that he’s still doing very well after leaving his long-term music label, Eagle Music.

Watch highlights of this past week's KKBOX Music Supper, to find out if your favorite Mandopop hits made it to the chart, below! Catch the next episode this Thursday at 9pm on KKBOX's Facebook page.