Top 10 Drinking Joints With Live Music In Singapore (April - June)

Night out with the boys? After work drinks with colleagues? In need of some good live music? Large gathering with old friends? We've got it all covered. Here's a list of drinking joints to check out, with live music accompaniment when you're a feeling a bit thirsty and itching for a good live tune. Doesn't matter if you're a quiet drunk or a rowdy one, we're pretty sure these places can accommodate that so drink up! 


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What if we tell you you could drink over 30 types of beer in one night? Yes, you can have it all if the price is right. Operated like the stock exchange, drink prices move according to demand, creating an interactive atmosphere. Definitely more laid-back than Shenton Way, enjoy a night out with the gang drinking and chomping on chicken wings. 


An unconventional concept, Tanuki is a Japanese-American bar with an emphasis on raw food which means that you can enjoy fresh oyster, sashimi, hamburger sushi roll, and steak tartare all on one menu. Sit on the balcony and choose from the delightful drinks menu of cocktails and martinis while you enjoy the live music they have for you.  


A solid favourite for many, Timbre is great for its food and drinks (ah, duck pizza) and also the even better entertainment. It is the playground for a lot of well known local musicians, such as The Goodfellas, Jack and Rai, 53A and more to perform, as well as a platform for up and coming local acts to showcase their music under the Singapore Originals series. 

The Beast

Get a taste of the American South at The Beast. Southern fried chicken with waffle and fries, this place is all about comfort food. They also boast Singapore's first bourbon bar but if straight up isn't your style, take your pick from the cocktail menu - there's Sweet Tea... of the alcoholic sort. A regular open mic session is held so the stage is yours if you want to!

Prince of Wales

Where else can you find decently priced beer, a laidback atmosphere sports on telly, and some live music? A backpackers' hostel of course. Located in two equally busy places, take your pick from the breezy riverside Boat Quay branch or the other one in charming Little India. 

Going Om

Sometimes a night out with the buddies doesn't always have to get rowdy or end up in a drunken mess. Going Om is a gem tucked away on Haji Lane, perfect for drinks, shisha sessions and conversation. On some days, live music acts will be there serenading quiet acoustic tunes to a relaxed crowd. 

Piedra Negra

Occupying the corner of Haji Lane, this Mexican-themed bar offers decent texmex cuisine and a great drinks menu as well. Reggae nights happen on the first Saturday of every month, so if you're looking for something more vibrant and seeking an ice cold margarita, here's the place to be!


Hey everyone this might excite you, one word: CHEAP. Offering $5 deals on beer, the house pour, and wines all day, everyday - it is a favourite choice for many. Located at several central locations, drop by after work, and stay on till late to enjoy cheap food and drinks that will keep everyone happy (your wallet included). 


Although located centrally, Acid Bar feels a little more laid-back than the kiasu shoppers on the shopping mecca that is Orchard Road. It can get rowdy some nights which is a bonus if you're looking for a boisterous night with the buddies, but on less busy days, you can enjoy some contemplative time in this Peranakan-decor joint.  


Go back to the place that kickstarted the cover music movement in Singapore years ago. Still continuing in the tradition of great bands, chill out vibes and food great for sharing, Wala Wala is still the place to be after all these years.