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Tropical Temple celebrates Afro-Caribbean boogie and Latin rhythms with Hugo Mendez

Tropical Temple celebrates Afro-Caribbean boogie and Latin rhythms with Hugo Mendez

Party series Tropical Temple has quietly carved a reputation as one of the most fun events in town over the last couple of years. Their monthly nights at Blu Jaz Cafe specialize in tribal and soulful tunes from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean - and its consistently packed to the brim with open-minded folks looking to boogie to pulsating rhythms from the funkier corners of the world. 

Resident tropical specialists Kusto and Bhayology will once again be helming this Friday's special edition, dubbed Tropical Explosion, but they'll also be bringing along a very special guest in the form of Hugo Mendez! Best known as a prominent member of Sofrito: Tropical Discotheque ("a collective of DJs, producers and artists that combine a love for tropical rhythms with a firm basis in modern club culture"), this London-born, Paris-based DJ is renowned for his deep musical knowledge and wonderfully eclectic sets.

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You can expect percussive calypso, soca and soukous sounds found from vintage dubplates and decades-old crates, alongside more forward-thinking tropical beats from cutting-edge producers from South America. Just as his groundbreaking compilations for labels such as Strut, Soundway, Jazzman and Nascente have caused a stir within the tropical community all around Europe, his upcoming set at Blu Jaz this Friday promises should inspire a celebration unlike any other.

Tropical Explosion happens this Friday, 18 March at Blu Jaz Cafe. Entry is $15. Click here for more details.


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