King Promdi and Tuimi on working on their collaborative single 'Intimate Times' with IO

King Promdi and Tuimi on working on their collaborative single 'Intimate Times' with IO

From different corners of the region, IO, Tuimi, and King Promdi joined forces to make the collaboration of a lifetime. Across three countries, three different languages and three distinctive musical styles, the trio pieced together an enticing new track titled 'Intimate Times'. 

In a period of social isolation and physical distancing, the collaborative single talks about the aching feelings of love and connection. 

"Despite the pandemic, being close to someone you love is very important. No one should ever stop you from having 'babe time' to feel more comfortable with each other," King Promdi tells Bandwagon


With IO based in Japan, Tuimi in Vietnam, and King Promdi in the Philippines, 'Intimate Times' is a testament to the trio's impeccable teamwork and artistry. Made in collaboration with artist collective M.A.U Collective, music label bpm plus asia, and hip-hop label Future Shock, the multilingual track was made entirely remotely and yet came together so effortlessly. 

"This collaboration was one of the smoothest and most uncomplicated ones I’ve been a part of," shared Tuimi. "When I received the beat, I was just told to put down 16 bars on the topic of 'sex' and 'moonshine', and at that moment when I started to write my part, a stream of consciousness came upon me and my verse was done within 10 to 15 minutes. So I would say that was pretty smooth, even checking back the mixes were pretty easy."

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Taking inspiration for their own personal lives, the trio created 'Intimate Times' to spotlight each act individual stories, culture, and sound. Sang in English, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Japanese, the track is a unique and alluring showcase of Asian hip-hop. 

"I hope that this song could prove that music has no boundaries and despite the different languages, it’s still a dope song that you can enjoy without understanding every word," says Tuimi. 

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Armed with a mission to propel their music and local music scenes, both Tuimi and King Promdi hope to showcase more of what the region has to offer, in terms of hip-hop and urban music.

"I will focus on doing what I do best and I will continue making a difference," says the Filipino rapper. 

"As my writing process is most of the time coming from a place of self-therapeutic purposes, I hope that my listeners can somehow relate to the topics I’m talking about in my songs, making them feel less lonely," says Tuimi. 

Listen to 'Intimate Times' by IO, Tuimi, and King Promdi here.