Twitter reacts to BTS' 'Black Swan' music video

Twitter reacts to BTS' 'Black Swan' music video

In a little over a week, the music video of BTS' new single, 'Black Swan', has already amassed over 200 million views on Youtube. Unlike most of their previous music videos, 'Black Swan' is framed as an intimately vulnerable art film. The band does not appear in the video at all, and are instead represented by seven dancers from MN Dance Company, who executed a seamless choreography to reflect the intentions behind the song. 

Since its release, the music video has been accompanied by much fanfare, with ARMYs taking to Twitter to express their admiration and share their own interpretations. Take a look at some of them below. 

Artistically-inclined fans have taken to social media to share fanart: 

Several fans try to articulate the sheer emotional impact of the video: 


Others also marvelled at the choreography by the MN Dance Company:

Generally, the fandom seems to be waiting anticipation for the band's live performances:


Watch BTS' 'Black Swan' music video below.