UDD releases Sun Shower in Japan

UDD releases Sun Shower in Japan

UDD has released a specially curated album for the Japanese audience just in time for the band's debut performance in Shibuya. UDD is set to play at Synchronicity Festival at O-West on April 7.

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Sun Shower is comprised of 14 tracks from the band's discography, including a Japanese version of 'Luna'. The album is available for purchase at Tower Records and HMV as well as online via Amazon and Tower Records. The limited release is priced at ¥2,300 (1,128 PHP), plus tax. 

Check out the full tracklist below:  

1. Turn It Well

2. All The Good Things

3. Clockwork

4. Malikmata

5. Oo (Fragmented Mix)

6. Parks

7. Luna (Japanese Ver.)

8. Sigurado

9. Taya

10. Lazy Daisy (Ascolto Mix)

11. Indak

12. Sleeptalk

13. Purse Of Stories

14. Night Drops

Listen to UDD's discography here: