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Urbanscapes 2012 Special

Urbanscapes is Malaysia's all-day, for 2 days creative arts festival that brings together communities and participants from the fields of music, arts, fashion, visual design and much more. So why should you get excited? Well, firstly, it's just a few hours away from Singapore and also, 2012 marks the festival's 10th anniversary. Because it's something to celebrate about, here are some things that would be happening: Sigur Ros will be playing, so will The Trees and The Wild. Singapore's Charlie Lim will also take the stage. There will be food, clothes and accessory stalls, and a lot of really fun things to do. 

To prepare for Urbanscapes 2012, we did some homework on a few of the acts who will be playing at Padang Astaka on the 24 & 25 November! 


Because of such a rocking ensemble of stars on stage, we're glad we have Guba in the lineup. Taking it down a notch with his soothing guitar, a clear voice and some heartfelt songs, his mellow tunes make for some pleasant listening. 

I will be playing on: Day 1

This is how I am preparing for Urbanscapes:

I've been doing Yoga and Pilates like a mad cow on Steroids these days. I've been constructing a variety of Gundam models too. Not to mention all the sewing and unsewing of jackets and trenches until I realised that it's gonna be mad hot and sunny that day. So I switched to knitting Navajo tank tops instead. All that merely to canonize the Urbanscapers!

 What to expect from my Urbanscapes performance:

 A lot of lentil soup if you play all the songs we performed backward.

This is my Festival Songs Mixtape: 

1. Festival - Sigur Rós
2. The Scientist - Coldplay
3. Let Down - Radiohead
4. Oh My God - Ida Maria
5. Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas) - Regina Spektor


Not your typical girl band, these three actual sisters churn out expressive tunes on love and romance. Nothing heavy, just breezy, dreamy music to accompany your perfect chill festival experience.

We will be playing on: Day 2, Sunday!

This is how we are preparing for Urbanscapes:

We’re preparing for it by not thinking about it! It’s been such a rollercoaster ride this past year and playing for Urbanscapes might as well be the 90-degree drop. Good thing we love rollercoasters! For now we’ve been practicing, working on our set and trying not to panic. We live in the same house and if one of us starts to panic then…no, not going to think about it!

What to expect from our Urbanscapes performance:

We don’t want to spoil it for you, but we’re aiming for a set that’s memorable and special. We had the itch to perform at Urbanscapes when we attended it last year and to be invited this year is pretty amazing. It’s a real big deal for us and we want everyone to have a great time with us during our set. We’re very excited! It’s going to be fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

This is our Festival Songs Mixtape: 

1. I Am The Best - 2NE1
2. Nighttiming - Coconut Records
3. Tragedi Buah Epal - Anita Sarawak
4. Fantastic Adventure (ft. Liyana Fizi) - OJ Law
5. Whip It - Devo


If you're here for something faster and heavier, then you better be catching Love Me Butch. This well established post hardcore band have wowed us already with their furiously good set at Baybeats this year. 

We will be playing on: Day 1 

This is how we are preparing for Urbanscapes:

We jog everyday to build our stamina. By 9pm, we'll be performing Yoga for an hour. We hit the Karaoke joint at midnight and we head home when everybody goes to work.

What to expect from our Urbanscapes performance:

For this year's Urbanscapes, we are giving a chance to our fans to request for their favourite

LMB songs. What they need to do is visit our Facebook page (

and get involved in the poll. The most voted songs will get played on Urbanscapes. 

This is our Festival Songs Mixtape: 

1. Everybody Dance Now - C&C Music Factory
2. Pump Up The Jam - Technotronic
3. Me So Horny - 2 Live Crew
4. Sweat of My Balls - CB4
5. Bitches Ain't Shit - Dr. Dre 


These guys fit in any concert lineup seamlessly. A little bit of Foals, a little bit of Cut Copy, Enterprise will the ones responsible for keeping things upbeat with their mishmash of electronic and analog percussions, synth soundscapes and guitar melodies.

We will be playing on: Day 1

This is how we are preparing for Urbanscapes:

Long hours in the studio rehearsing & enhancing our songs, watching lots of live performances of our favorite bands in Youtube, morning runs to build up on our stamina, work on our vocals while doing "other" businesses in the toilet (singing in the shower is too mainstream), talking to ourselves in front of mirrors saying "You can do this!"

What to expect from our Urbanscapes performance:

If you've been to any of our shows, expect something different. We've been working hard to ensure our performance for Urbanscapes is more energetic, enhanced and twice the madness. Some of the songs you're familiar with may just sound different.

If you've never been to any one of our shows.. well.. expect to have a good time (we know we definitely will).

This is our Festival Songs Mixtape: 

1. Eye of The Tiger - Survivor
2. Sometimes - Miami Horror
3. Pull Me Back to Earth - Friendly Fires 
4. Days - The Drums
5. Horsepower - Justice 
6. Summerfect '86 - Miami Horror 
7. Blink And You'll Miss A Revolution - Cut Copy
8. Electric Feel - MGMT
9. Newlands - Juice
10. Arcarsenal - At The Drive-In 


Eclectic, unique quirky folk pop is what Froya is. She has a paper bunny as her sort-of mascot and sings "Do what makes you h-a-p-p-y" in her song 'Fries In Cream'. You know it's gonna be carnival-esque field day when she takes the stage. 

I will be playing on: I'll be playing on Day 1, 24 Nov. 

This is how I am preparing for Urbanscapes:

Taking vitamin C and eating healthily everyday. Cutting down spicy food until the performance is over and of course, hard core practice with the band as soon as we find time to jam together... Also, I pray everyday for good weather on the 24th/25th November for Urbanscapes. 

What to expect from our Urbanscapes performance:

A majority of songs that I'll be playing in this event will be released for my upcoming album. We have recruited two talented guest musicians to specially join us for Urbanscapes. I'm hoping to give the audience an opportunity to experience a more "colourful" sound with Froya this time around. 

This is my Festival Songs Mixtape: 

1. Animal - Miike Snow
2. Sweet Nothing - Calvin Harris
3. Amanaemonesia - Chairlift
4. Follow Rivers - Lykke Li
5. Young Blood by - Naked and Famous

For more info on Urbanscapes: Web | Facebook | Twitter