Jay Ortega leaves supergroup Apartel to pursue solo career

Jay Ortega leaves supergroup Apartel to pursue solo career

Apartel announced the departure of vocalist Jay Ortega on their official Facebook page last Sunday. For a year since their establishment in early 2016, Jay shared singer-songwriter duties, along with co-founder status, with lead vocalist and bassist, Ely Buendia. In the official statement, it says Jay left the band at the end of last year, in December, to focus on his solo career. The band wishes him the best in his chosen endeavor.

Read the official statement here:

Ely, will now share singing duties with keyboard player RJ Pineda and continue to play as Apartel wih Pat Sarabia on drums, Redge Concepcion and Coco Coo on guitars. The band released their debut album, Inner Play, on vinyl last November 2016 and have been consistently present in Manila's live music circuit. 

Watch Apartel perform 'Sala Sa Init':

Listen to Apartel's Inner Play:

Inner Play is available on vinyl at Satchmi, 4F, Fashion Hall, SM Megamall. 

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