Warner Music signs an algorithm to a record deal

Warner Music signs an algorithm to a record deal

Warner Music has made history.

The company, one of the single-largest record labels in the music industry, has signed an algorithm to a record deal. This means that the new signee, Endel, developed by an eponymous German tech firm, can count itself "labelmates" with Cardi BMadonna and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Endel is required to produce 20 albums in accordance with its contract with Warner's new Arts Music Division.

The official description of Endle is as follows: "Endel is an app that creates personalized sound environments to help you focus, relax and sleep". It uses machine learning to cultivate those personalized tracks. Some of Endel's investors include Amazon’s Alexa Fund, Japan’s Avex Ventures and Major Lazer’s Jillionaire.

At this writing, Endel has already released five albums under a "Sleep" series on Apple Music and Spotify.