Make your own hand-washing lyric guide with this infographics generator, Wash Your Lyrics

Make your own hand-washing lyric guide with this infographics generator, Wash Your Lyrics

If you haven't realized it, there are more songs you could sing besides 'Happy Birthday' to get your hands squeaky clean.

For those who are sick and tired of singing a song that should only be sung on a special day, William Gibson has devised a fool-proof way to get your vocal cords exercised and reach that 20-second mark for the cleanest hands.

Enter Wash Your Lyrics—a hand-washing poster generator that pairs the 13-steps to getting those pesky germs away from your skin with your favorite songs.

Here's how to do it:


Step 1: Hit up the Wash Your Lyrics website and fill up the quick form for the song you'd like to sing along to for the next time you wash your hands.

Step 2: Wait a few seconds and BOOM! You've got your very own hand-washing infographics poster. Just hit download and share with all your friends.

In a message to Bandwagon, William Gibson shares how Wash Your Lyrics has helped people across the globe. He writes, "I saw on Twitter that one teacher used the site to teach hand washing to their Year 9 class which was super cool to see, also seeing disabled people being able to use the site to make washing their hands a better experience is incredibly rewarding to see—never thought my code would have such a positive impact on the world."

The Wash Your Lyrics website comes in light of the novel coronavirus outbreak that has spread across the world. It has led to hundreds of deaths and tens of thousands in infections. It also caused the cancelation and postponement of numerous public gatherings, concerts, and festivals all around the globe. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends everyone to regularly wash their hands, cover their mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, and thoroughly cooking meat and eggs.

Here are your hand-washing technique guides for Sarah Geronimo's 'Tala' and Ben&Ben's 'Pagtingin.'