WATCH: Bit Usagi refines his vivid 8-bit adventures with 'Mamonaku'

WATCH: Bit Usagi refines his vivid 8-bit adventures with 'Mamonaku'

Stumbling upon the works of Bit Usagi may be confounding for some, but the sincere nostalgia and vivid visuals are undeniably infectious.

The project of Kevin Ho, the frontman of indie rock ensemble Sapporo Safaris, is one that melds chiptune, Japanese digital culture and dream pop into a deliriously whimsical package that's just as comforting as it is ambitious.

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Bit Usagi is obviously beyond intimate bedroom tunes, despite being a one-man electronic project, and his latest single 'Mamonaku' is the perfect example.

Everything about it screams "anthemic", from its soaring hooks to its euphoric synths and, structurally, it's a huge step up from his first single 'Sozu'. The presence of Kevin himself is, again, deliberately muted, but the processed vocals that make up the hook, along with the crystallized vocal harmonies that boost the track's rapturous nature are sure signs of improvement for the nascent project.

The video that accompanies this single, another completely DIY endeavour, takes note and pays homage to several video games; various iconic RPG quests and even a little nod to the legendary first-person shooter, Doom. It's a stupendously earnest affair, and bound to be a favourite if Chrono Trigger and early Final Fantasy soundtracks are your jam.

Watch the music video for 'Mamonaku' here: