WATCH: Gayle Nerva flirts with tropical house in 'Echoes'

WATCH: Gayle Nerva flirts with tropical house in 'Echoes'

While this song marks her third official music video, Gayle Nerva's singles have had remarkable rotation on radio, especially 987fm, due in part to the catchy 'Always Summer' and her moody breakout song 'Pretend'. 

All three songs showcase Nerva's strength as a vocalist and songwriter — and with 'Echoes' and 'Pretend', the young artist has an enlightened ear for modern pop production. Roping in producer fulses, 'Echoes' has every bit of tropical house's enduring appeal with mass audiences, and she presents a stylish music video to match.

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Moving away from the city lights and dark alleyways in her last two videos, here she explores another facet of a turbulent relationship, and it also features break-dancing, courtesy of dancer Haikal Rizali, and VHS glitches, with a deserted beach backdrop to boot.

Watch the full music video here: