WATCH: Here are our picks for the best Singaporean albums of 2016

WATCH: Here are our picks for the best Singaporean albums of 2016

Our Recent Record Reviews segment has been dormant for a while — we're currently reevaluating its presentation, whether if it's worth doing it in front of a camera or we should just pursue our dream of (finally) doing a Bandwagon podcast.

Whatever it is, we'd like to hear what you think, but we've brought back the series format one more time for now for our favourite time of the year — listing the albums from Singapore that grabbed our attention the most.

2016 was the natural continuation of 2015's sure-fire stream of original Singaporean music, whether or not it was spurned by the #SG50 movement, and the vast quality of music that came out of this small country was overwhelming.

These are just the top 10 albums that we think were the best out of Singapore, but it's only our opinion, and we'd love to hear which albums you felt we wrongfully left out.

We'd also like to tip our hats to Rudra for their blistering comeback effort Enemy Of Duality, Drakar Taso's puzzling and immersive debut album Apocrypha, False Plaintiff's captivating Stenographer and The Caulfield Cult's brutally honest CULT for some standout efforts this year that unfortunately didn't make the list.

Nonetheless, here are the albums that did make it into our Top 10. Fight us: