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WATCH: Lucy Rose, Neon Indian, BADBADNOTGOOD and .gif attempt to rap

WATCH: Lucy Rose, Neon Indian, BADBADNOTGOOD and .gif attempt to rap

We're not really sure how we came up with this idea, but at the risk of riling up the safeguards of the sacred art of rap, we thought we would have some fun at Neon Lights Festival recently.

The two-day festival featured an outstanding line-up, as we've covered before, and thanks to the Neon Lights team, we had some press time with their acts.

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While Yannis sat down with us for a standard interview instead, we handpicked a crop of musicians — the lovely Lucy Rose, the sharp and witty Alan Palermo aka Neon Indian, the unfailingly jovial BADBADNOTGOOD and the one and only .gif — to humour us as we challenged them to a game unlike most interviews.

With us, there was a bag filled with random phrases we generated overnight — including Nasi Lemak, Disco Hue, "swag", and more — and they had to pick some out of the bag to use them in an original rap verse — which they were required to write on the spot, guided by a free trap-infused beat we found online.

Here's what Lucy Rose, BADBADNOTGOOD, Neon Indian and .gif came up with:

Watch Lucy Rose perform 'Bikes' in Manila, a few days before her set at Neon Lights: