WATCH: The Kooks react to Singaporean bands... with a twist

Ever since we began the idea that led to a video with Us the Duo, we've been improving and refining the format for the next band, whenever they would appear (if ever).

We never really bothered ourselves about local music getting the approval or recognition from outsiders. Instead we always see this as an opportunity to bridge the physical gap between Singaporean and international acts. Of course, that's just all extra information.

British rock band The Kooks have been indie darlings with millions of fans for years now. It's surprising (and a bit startling, yikes) to remember that it's been nine years since the Brighton-based quartet released their first album, Inside In/Inside Out. But they've been a consistent presence in UK's rock scene and Singaporean fans have always been eager to watch them live, whether if it was their packed debut show here in 2012 at Esplanade Concert Hall or, more recently, Capitol Theatre where Tiger Beer hosted their Unofficial Official SG50 Party.

We got a chance to give The Kooks the true blue, SG50 treatment. Just like with Us the Duo, we got the band to listen to songs by Singaporean acts but instead, they had to answer a question after each song and if they got it right, they got to try one of five local dishes we served to them. They got to try music as diverse as soulful singer-songwriter Dru Chen and even screamo band Yumi.

Let's just say after the first winner, the rest of the band stepped up their game.