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WATCH: THELIONCITYBOY premieres poolside music video for 'YAYA' featuring Benjamin Kheng

WATCH: THELIONCITYBOY premieres poolside music video for 'YAYA' featuring Benjamin Kheng

THELIONCITYBOY's newest track 'YAYA', featuring Benjamin Kheng (of The Sam Willows fame), is certainly one of his catchiest... and cheekiest to date.

The lead single, taken off his forthcoming album Paradise (dropping in August), has been making the rounds online over the last week, accumulating the kind of ultra-visible hype you would expect when two of Singapore's biggest names in music come together for a fab collab.

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As you might guess, the song takes it's inspiration from the colloquial phrase "yaya papaya", and tells the story of one guy's attraction to an especially pretty girl from the east side of Singapore. A combination of infatuation and frustration, the song features amusingly tongue-in-cheek lyrics like "tellin' me I'm late when I'm on time, it's been one week give me one sign".

It sure is a universal story for most boys (and girls) out there, which is probably one of the reasons the track has garnered so much buzz. And great news for the many who loved TLCB's latest hit - the Singaporean rapper just unveiled a cool, poolside music video for the track last night!

Featuring plenty of sizzling celebrity cameos and slick slow-mo shots, 'YAYA''s visual premiere is definitely essential viewing for any TLCB fan.

Watch the music video for 'YAYA' below:

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