Where Are They Now? American Idol Edition

Remember when we used to give a sh*t about American Idol. And got so sad we weren’t on AT&T to vote for our fave singers. Remember when American Idol was actually about the contestants, not the judges. Everything you see now about the show is about what Mariah Carey or the other lady is wearing. Suggested by one of you, this week we commemorate the once glorious TV show so join us for a bout of nostalgia as we reminisce some idols.

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Ruben Studdard

THEN: Remember last week we found out Lou Bega was German? Well on a similar vein, Ruben Studdard was born in Germany. He was the second person to win American Idol. A surprising win as Clay Aiken was the popular one (but Ruben had a better voice). Put out a couple of albums, and he tried his hand in acting and although he might not be hypin’ a lot, our editor Ilyas is still rather familiar with his song “Sorry For 2004” which according to him is a song that “doesn’t age well.”

NOW: Still known as the ‘velvet teddy bear’, he recently went through the ‘cleanest divorce ever’ due to his ironclad prenup. Yey. Career wise, he’s still singing doing shows here and there and pretty PR-savvy judging from his Twitter account. Or you know, it really is his PR people running it.

Clay Aiken

THEN: He was sort of America’s favourite boy-man at one point of time. With his North Carolina good boy image, flat-ironed spiky hair and show theatre-esque voice, he won the votes of a lot of people. Even my mother and sister who upset my grunge phase a lot by making me sit in front of the telly to watch the show. He may not have won but Aiken scored a bigger selling album than the winner (Ruben), a book deal, television appearances and even starred in Broadway.

NOW: Still doing all right, he’s still on TV (will be appearing in one of the last episodes of last season EVER of The Office), still singing, people are generally still interested. He’s also quite an activist. After coming out in 2008, he has publicly spoken about anti-gay bullying. He is also involved in a bunch of other groups regarding autism, education and children’s causes and UNICEF. Still a nice guy.

Justin Guarini

THEN: From Justin To Kelly The Movie: LOL. I remembered this more than him actually being in American Idol The First.

NOW: Man they’re all still singing now. Or dads. He is both.

William Hung

THEN: If your memory needs some refreshing, we all ONLY knew him as the buck-toothed Asian who studied civil engineering singing a Ricky Martin song. He never made him to any preliminary round whatsoever but he was probably more famous than any alumni. Except maybe Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson.

NOW: Not singing anymore. Phew. William Hung decided to move on from the entertainment business and take up a proper job. William Hung is a technical crime analyst.

Jennifer Hudson

THEN: She always had a good voice but was never fully appreciated in the third season of American Idol which was a sh*t season anyway. Jasmine Trias? Pffffft. Post-Idol in 2004-5, was rather lull for her and then in 2007, Dreamgirls.

NOW: American Idol, whaaaat. This lady does not need the validation of a singing contest. Dreamgirls was her biggest breakthrough, after that she went on doing movies and singing and winning Oscars, Golden Globes AND Grammys. And although she went through some troubles when her family members were shot, she pulled through. Four for you Glen Coco. 

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