Why You Should Be at Timbre Rock & Roots 2013

Ah, should I go or not? Still sitting on the fence on whether you should be buying tickets? Don't be a buzzkill, we'll tell you why you should there at this year's Timbre Rock & Roots! 

1. Epic Lineup

For starters, if you are going to miss out on an assembly of artists with 32 (Updated) Grammys between them, you might be a little nuts. Who is playing? Only the voice of Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant + the Sensational Space Shifters, legends like Paul Simon and Jimmy Cliff, expressive singer Bonnie Raitt, the phenomenal blues group Tedeschi Trucks Band and talented songwriter Rufus Wainwright. Check out our own gig picks HERE.

2. Venue 

This year Timbre Rock & Roots will be held at celebrated live music haunt (and also one of Singapore's most historic landmarks), Fort Canning. Outdoorsy and all-day long for two days, festival vibes will be aplenty, all you have to do is add yourself in the mix. 

3. Tickets

Think about it this way - for that one ticket you have bought, you're paying for a bunch of full length concerts. Totally worth it? Yeah, we think so! Check out the tickets and decide for yourself which would be better, a 2-day pass or a single pass - although we highly recommend you to be present for two days. 

4. The People

It is safe to say that music festivals are now an established part of the music culture in Singapore. We've braved rains and mud, the unforgiving sun and if we had the chance to experience other meteorological calamities, we'll probably excel too. The best part is experiencing all of this and more (like sonic goodness) with the festival folk as well. Solidarity is always rewarding. 

5. The Bandwagon Team

Last but not least, be sure to look out for the Bandwagon Media Team! We'll be roving around, enquiring about who you're stoked to see, what music you're currently listening to, being trigger happy - with a camera of course, and maybe even dish out a few good deals while we're at it. 

Tick tock, Rock & Roots 2013 will be upon us soon, we'll see you there!