With new EP, FAUXE warps Singapore's 60s music into infectious hip-hop grooves

Don't believe the title. This isn't "another beat tape".

Singaporean producer FAUXE, best known for his endless ventures into different genres — even noise, at one point — recently dug up recordings of Singaporean tracks from the 60s.

Of course, many of us reignited fascination with our country's past this year, but FAUXE took it one step further, sampling these songs and twisting them in a Dilla-like fashion — dusty, incredibly melodic grooves that quickly penetrate but leaves room for plenty of verses, something which the Mediocre Haircut Crew happily obliges to do.

Titled HUH FUCK ANOTHER BEAT TAPE EP, it was produced and recorded within 24 hours, with only the first takes used from the rappers. He used songs from local acts like The Quests, The Siglap 5 and Western Union Band.

We've talked about Mediocre Haircut Crew's beguiling old-school charm that's incredibly likeable. The samples featured here, along with FAUXE's relatively straight-laced beat treatment, commit to that — resulting in a surprisingly breezy listen. 

Take a gander at the six tracks, along with the original songs sampled. 

P.S. We also highly recommend Beat Konducta in India by Madlib and Beauty and the Beat by Eden if you like what you hear.

'The Cyclones' - F∆UXE ft MHC

Samples 'The Dew' by The Cyclones

'Reyes Sisters' - F∆UXE ft daniKIDDO & omarKENOBI

Samples 'A Ring For My Darling' by Reyes Sisters

'The Quest' - F∆UXE ft mickeyLEANO, omarKENOBI & Cap'N Malas

Samples 'The Indian Maid' by The Quests

'Western Union Band Instrumental' - F∆UXE

Samples 'Sausalito' by Western Union Band

'Chang Siao Ying' - F∆UXE ft daniKIDDO & mickeyLEANO

Samples 'Man Tian Xing Dou de Wan Shang' by Chang Siao Ying

'The Siglap 5' - F∆UXE ft MHC

Samples 'Nada Suchi Untok-mu/Adek-ku' by Jeffridin & The Siglap Five

HUH FUCK ANOTHER BEAT TAPE EP is available for free download on FAUXE's Bandcamp page. You can also follow FAUXE and Mediocre Haircut Crew on Facebook for more updates.