Yamaha launches first lifestyle showroom in Singapore

Yamaha launches first lifestyle showroom in Singapore

Yamaha has launched a new 58 square metre lifestyle concept showroom, Yamaha Experience Studio (YES). 

YES is the first studio of its kind in the Southeast Asian region, providing a new space for audiophiles to share their love of music and experience high fidelity audio along with a new range of products. 

The showroom aims to convince patrons and music lovers alike that top quality audio experiences aren't a hassle to obtain, and can be recreated anywhere, even in your own living room. The productions featured at YES recreate the experience of being at world famous music venues like the Roxy Theater, capturing the same acoustic experience, no matter where you are. Thanks to its patented technology, Yamaha Digital Sound Projector's system produces sound beams that bounce off walls to envelop listeners. 

Apart from the performance of the high fidelity audio gear on display, the equipment also boast qualities of environmental preservation, with each item being certified for bring eco-friendly, through resource sustainability, customer utility and reduced electricity consumption. 

Yamaha are also launching their new MusicCast line at the showroom. The MusicCast line will feature items ranging from AV Receivers to soundbars, home theater systems and more. 

The Yamaha Experience Studio will be open to public from Friday, 6 July onwards. The showroom is situated in Plaza Singapura, taking over the space that was previously occupied by Yamaha's Piano showroom. For more information and promotions, check out Yamaha's official website