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YouTube announces Official Artist Channels, will merge artists pages with Vevo

YouTube announces Official Artist Channels, will merge artists pages with Vevo

YouTube recently announced a new plan that will make it easier for fans to search for musicians and artists on the platform.

YouTube will merge all of a singular artist's pages together, into one single destination, known as an Official Artist Channel. These will streamline artist pages from Vevo and other places. 

Artists' Vevo pages generally tend to have more subscribers than other official artist pages, with one of the most notable belonging to Justin Bieber. Bieber's Vevo page has 33.6 million subscribers, compared to his separate official page, which has only 4.3 million subscribers.

“Vevo’s reach and business can continue to grow on YouTube as a direct result of simplifying the user experience through consolidation of an entire artist’s catalog into one channel, where Vevo videos are featured prominently,” a YouTube rep said in a statement, adding, "these changes will impact all music partners equally.” 

The move comes as a strategic plan on YouTube's part, as consolidating all of an artist's subscribers onto one page means they'll be able to target a larger audience. The changes are expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks, although it is important to note that according to YouTube, Vevo channels will still be accessible if a subscriber uses the advanced channel filter in search.

While waiting for the changes to take place, check out the informative video below to get a look at what the Official Artist Channels will look like. 


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