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WATCH: Yuna talks about collaborating with Usher, her new 'urban' album and more

WATCH: Yuna talks about collaborating with Usher, her new 'urban' album and more

Now already a household name in Asia's music consciousness, Yuna has elevated herself successfully to the international stage in recent years — appearances on major US talk shows, along with successful tours and shout-outs from fellow artists have solidified Yuna as one of the most talked-about musicians from Asia.

And for good reason: Yuna's approach to songwriting has been a refreshing balance of precise grooves and heartfelt themes that remain as she tackles various styles, from earnest folk to anthemic indie pop. It's with her singularity and her remarkable flexibility, along with her immensely likeable candour, that has made her Malaysia's most successful export.

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Yuna was in town recently for a headlining concert at Marina Bay Sands, as part of a tour that also sees her performing at venues throughout the US. We grabbed the chance to talk to her about her upcoming international release, which sees her veering towards R&B with the help of Usher, along with possibly collaborating with Drake, the one album she'd like to cover and her position as a highly-successful bilingual musician in Malaysia.

Watch our full interview with Yuna here:

You can follow Yuna through her official website and Facebook. Special thanks to Livescape Asia for setting up the interview!

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