Zouk bids farewell to Jiak Kim by returning to its Balearic roots

Zouk bids farewell to Jiak Kim by returning to its Balearic roots

Like Ibiza itself, Zouk has long ago shed its Balearic roots to evolve with the times.

As the decades passed, newer generations and newer genres have repeatedly taken over the hallowed Singaporean institution - but dare we say - none ever carved the kind of storied legacy those euphoric early days in 90s' conjured. 

Zouk was founded upon the optimism and warm inclusiveness of the Balearic sound, and come Friday, November 18, Zouk's main room will once again harken back to its beginnings as the Balearic spirit takes over Jiak Kim Street one final time.


"These days in clubland, rap, house and soul freely rub shoulders with continental beats, alternative grooves, and a whole welter of diverse sounds constructed from an even more diverse set of influences. This is what 'Balearic' was all about...Laying down rules or attempting to initiate trends is completely contrary to what the 'Balearic Spirit' was all about (if only its pioneers had explained it better at the time we might not have spent two years getting to where we are now). An effective blanket ban on house/uptempo music in a club is silly, short-sighted, and narrow minded, and it won't take long for people to see it as such...What the 'Balearic concept' has taught us is that it doesn't matter what genre the track falls into, as long as the beat 'n' groove move the feet and what's on top of 'em is pleasing to the ear."

— Mixmag editorial, "Famous Last Words on Clubland's Class System or 'How We Learned to Love the Balearic Beat'". Mixmag: 71–73. July 1990.

Headlined by long-time Zouk stalwarts such as Jeremy Boon, Aldrin, Cher and DjB, alongside percussion by Maniam - this night will be an affectionate throwback party for the pioneering Zouk community. 

As Zouk themselves describe, Balearic aims to be for "family who have lived and loved within the white-washed adobe walls of the main room. This night is for you. This music is for you. Balearic isn’t the last official night at Zouk, but it certainly will be for many of us. A closure. Like closing a jewellery box full of precious moments and sparkling memories."

Please join the event page for more information and RSVP here for guestlist. And if you really want to dig deep into the nostalgia bank, you can follow the Balearic: Zouk Facebook group to reminisce on good times and great tunes.

Listen to a playlist of classic tracks from Zouk's Balearic era.