ZoukOut 2014: 10 Questions with Martin Garrix

It's that time of the year again. While many families are hastily preparing their grand Christmas grocery lists and finalising presents to get for their beloved ones, many of you are probably already busy at work in anticipation for ZoukOut 2014. Either you're choosing the right outfit that's most comfortable, or concocting the right playlist to get you pumped up, excitement for this year's ZoukOut is unparalleled to any other music event in the last month of the year. The line-up's not too shabby too, consisting of some of EDM's biggest acts right now. 

One of the acts on the massive line-up is Martin Garrix, a wide-eyed 18-year-old DJ who's since dominated the EDM world alongside heavyweights twice his age. Balancing final year schoolwork and making a name of himself in the industry, he's already accomplished more before turning 21 then a lot of people have done in adulthood. We had the chance to shoot some questions over to the EDM prodigy about being hardworking, getting support in school and his favourite software to use when making music.


Hi Martin, how are you?

I’m doing very good! How are you?

We're good, thanks! How’s your tour been so far?

My tour is awesome! I’m working very hard but it’s all worth it. I’m making great memories. I just came back from Dubai and France and going to Lisbon, Mexico, Las Vegas, LA and Chicago the coming two weeks.

Was it easy balancing your last years in school while making music?

My school was very supportive, I’m very grateful for that. I worked pretty hard and graduated last summer.

Were your schoolmates aware of your day job?

Yes they were. They were also very supportive.

What was the first EDM song that got you hooked?

I listened to a lot of tracks. I got into DJ-ing when I saw Tiesto playing at the Olympics

Has it been daunting starting out before you’ve turned 21?

Not really. I started producing when I was pretty young and I’m glad how things have worked out for me. It can be tough sometimes but I get a lot in return!

You’ve probably played at many different clubs and shows, which one has been the most memorable so far and why?

There are so many great shows. Coachella was a very cool experience, as well as my Ibiza shows and Tomorrowland.

Are there other genres that you're very fond of?

I’m into a lot of genres! I enjoy hip-hop for instance.

What software/gear do you use to create your music?

FL Studio.

What can we expect from a Martin Garrix show?

Insane drops, huge energy and lots of new music.

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