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Acoustic Trip

Genres: Top 40s, Covers, Pop

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Mellifluous. A word that suggest something melodious, something fluid. And the one that best describes the Acoustic Three, a singing trio from the Philippines. All three men sing beautifully, each is a master of his own right. But together, they sound even better. The group is already well-known in Singapore, having performed here for about thirteen years in spots. Popular local venues such as Hardrock Café, Balaclava, The Grand Hyatt, Royal Plaza on Scotts, M Hotel, Europa, Raffles the Plaza, St. James PowerStation and The Blue Bar Bistro are some which have witnessed the fluid harmonies of the group. Abroad, the trio has entertained in destinations such as Germany, Bali, the Maldives and Vietnam. Acoustic Trip led is by Medy Diaz and accompanied by his partners Oliver Oliver and Boy T . The core of Medy, Oliver and Boy's music is an "unplugged" marriage of folk, rock, and blues. The group performs with an engaging stage presence, sophisticated harmonies and a lively style. Its ability to perform a wide and varied repertoire of songs as well as its consistently high standards of musical performance has enabled them to transcend language and cultural barriers to entertain all the multi - national guests


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