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Adriana López

Genres: Techno

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Colombia-born and Barcelona-based DJ, producer, label owner and sound technician whose career dates back to the late 1990s, Adriana Lopez is one of the most prominent South American techno artists in today’s techno scene worldwide. "The Colombia-born artist has been busy developing her focused style behind the decks and releasing her material for Developer's Modularz label and her own label, Grey Report, that she runs from Barcelona where she now resides. Her skills as a producer have also been picked up by renowned techno label Semantica where she will be releasing some material in the early months of 2014. Adriana's DJ sets flow effortlessly through techno's landscape focusing their power on rhythm and energy never forgetting hints of melodies and a fair share of dynamics. All in all, they are a fine example of her uncompromising approach to the art of djing and vowed fans include some of techno's finest artists like Jonas Kopp, Svreca, Oscar Mulero and of course Deep Space Helsinki.” - DSH words, 2014. For over 15 years Adriana Lopez has played in Europe and the Americas including UK, Finland, Sweden, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, USA, Venezuela, Peru and Colombia. Her DJ sets are characterized by a special connection with audience and pure technique, and combined with her top production ability and her label Grey Report, they have pushed her to the forefront of in-demand DJ list internationally.


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