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Genres: Pop, Covers

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It all started when Feng wrote the song World Without Fences for the Eco Music Challenge 2011 held by the National Environment Agency (NEA). The song made it through to the finals, and the band—playing together for the first time—performed at the finalists showcase on August 26th. With Robert on vocals; Genevieve on keyboards and backup vocals; Xiang Hong on cello; Titus Ng on bass; and Liang Hong on percussion; Feng on guitar and backup vocals, the band delivered their live rendition of the song in front of the judges. World Without Fences was announced as the winner of the Eco Music Challenge 2011. After the Eco Music Challenge, Genevieve and Liang Hong joined them to make it a 4-piece acoustic group whenever possible. When bigger acoustic setups or full-band setups are required, everyone gets involved. Even as Feng has embarked on being a student all over again at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, we're still very much making music AND friends along the way. :) Afterhours is experienced in bringing you both acoustic AND full band sets, catering to your musical preferences.


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