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Aidan Bamrah

Genres: funk

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Aidan Bamrah is a percussionist whose speciality is spicing up DJ sets. He also co-organises "Sunday At The Training Shed" a regular funk and soul party in Labrador Park. Aidan specialises in Afro-Brazilian and Funk percussion and has shared the stage with the likes of Billy Cobham, Johnny Kalsi, Chico Cesar and Wicked Aura. Experienced from countless performances world-wide, Aidan's passion still lies in the simple celebration of music. He grew up in the Parisian suburbs where he developed his love for nature, sports and music (playing the drum-kit). Rock came first, then reggae, jazz, funk and blues, but it's only when he hit the UK shores in 1996 that he put his focus on percussion, playing with DJs around the country.


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