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Amateur Takes Control

Genres: Post-Rock, Math-Rock

Upcoming gigs

There are no upcoming gigs for Amateur Takes Control.


Amateur Takes Control (ATC) began as a solo project by guitarist Adel Rashid in 2006. The band has since evolved into its current roster made up of Adel (guitars), Isa Ong (bass), Ahmad Ariff (keyboards, guitars), Ahmad Khaliq (guitars) and Junaidi Kusnong (drums). Amateur Takes Control creates emotionally charged music which is undeniably diverse in style and influence, yet still manages to showcase a seamlessness that justifies their identity as a group. Known for their frenetic onstage performances and dedication to their craft, these young men are passionate about the music they create, helping them receive invitations to prominent shows such as ZoukOut 2009 in Singapore and the Motion Picture Soundtrack series of shows at Laundry Bar, Kuala Lumpur. This, and their prolific releases, has helped ATC garner a sizable following both in Singapore and Malaysia. The band has also had the honour of opening for distinguished bands such as ENVY (Japan), LITE (Japan), +/- {Plus/Minus} (USA) and Bitch Magnet (USA). The band has two previously self-released EPs “Built on Miles of Hope” and “Amateur Takes Control” released in April 2008 and August 2007 respectively. Their 2008 full length, “You, Me And The Things Unsaid” debuted on KittyWu Records.