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Genres: Post-Rock, Progressive Rock, Math Rock

Upcoming gigs

There are no upcoming gigs for ANECHOIS.


ANECHOIS is a post-progressive rock band. Drawing from elements of progressive, post-rock, math rock and a wide range of other influences, the band paints narrative soundscapes inspired by their personal encounters with everyday life. Since finalising the lineup in mid 2011, ANECHOIS has quickly gained notice for juxtaposing technicality with understated emotion, seamlessly blending complex rhyth mic structures and atmospheric effects to create music that has been described as "ethereal", "emotional" and "epic". The band has played at quintessential local venues such as Homeclub, *Scape, The Substation, and BluJaz, and was one of 8 selected bands at Baybeats 2012. Their debut EP, 'A Shadow of a Sound', was released on 30 June 2012.